Why Organics

Why Divine

The true origin of the concepts of ‘organic’ products is largely unknown. There are several Indian manuscripts that mention the major role of naturally occurring ingredients in enhancing beauty, apart from various other functions. Aside from cosmetics, organic products have also been traditionally used for therapeutic, medicinal and antiseptic purposes. Roses being used to provide fragrance were a common phenomenon and in fact the use of organic fragrances has been documented across the world, throughout the ages.
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Our Vision

To make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions across the world by redefining their concept of beauty and bliss through an offering of purest essence of nature.

Our Mission

To make Divine Organics a global ambassador of beauty and Brajkon Organics (P) Ltd. a most sought after, dynamic, dignified, truthful, responsive and responsible global profitable enterprise attracting, grooming and retaining outstanding talents to enhance consumer’s pride through continuous exploration, innovation and learning.