Founding Director and MD

WAHENGBAM BRAJABIDHU An educationist, visionary, a pioneer in executing disruptive thought leadership and most importantly a philanthropist, Mr. Brajabidhu, Managing Director of BRAJKON ORGANICS is a dreamer at heart and a hardcore entrepreneur. With an attitude that defies hurdles he had been embarking on different ventures right from the tender age of 19 covering a plethora of sectors like fashion, retailing, education, real estate, and art.
Having made numerous strategic investments that are valued at multiples within emerging business ecosystem of India and the challenging business environment of Manipur in particular, his passion and natural instinct of becoming a pioneer struck the right chord when he saw the opportunity and challenges to create history in India by introducing purely organic personal care products certified by ECOCERT with his childhood friend Gautam Dhar.
Brand DIVINE ORGANICS is ready to deliver in a responsible manner, it's ownership rights of being India's first comprehensive range of ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC personal care products to the true beauty conscious millennial, men and women world over adopting the purest essence from Nature. DIVINE ORGANICS is not only about doing business to fulfill aspirations of millions of people who are hungry for purely organics but also a journey to keep ourselves free from CHEMICALS and PESTICIDES giving a healing touch to save our planet EARTH and ensuring a healthy lifestyle to our future generation.

A firm believer in the maxim' "you can't stop an idea whose time has arrived" Mr. Brajabidhu is commited to take DIVINE ORGANICS to its ultimate heights, globally.


Founding Director and CEO

GAUTAM DHAR A visionary marketing professional with exposure of 7 global regions and 3 continents within the FMCG (Personal Care, Fashion & Food) industry with world renowned MNCs like Nestle, P&G, Bayer & PepsiCo cherished for long to do something revolutionary which could bring about a meaningful difference in the lives of millions across the world. With this vision at heart, he set out for creating an exemplary organization and a revolutionary brand by the name and style of “DIVINE ORGANICS” to pioneer the organic revolution in the beauty care domain of India.
A Master Degree holder in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, U.K., and having 33+ years of experience in the industry, he was able to transform his and his childhood friend, Brajabidhu’s dream in to reality by forming a trail blazing company with astute professionals from the industry and launching the one of its kind personal care brand “DIVINE ORGANICS” within 75 days from conception which again is a landmark in the annals of Indian Personal Care industry.
It is his charismatic leadership that has helped the new company not only to become a pioneer but also get unfathomable support from all partners in success – manufacturing, creative & marketing and PR & Advertising, all of whom are pioneers too in their own field and companies of utmost repute. His dedication and sustained pursuance for the best earned the brand world’s best organic certification – the “ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC”, which still remains an unreachable goal for many leading players of the Indian industry.
His immediate next stop over after India are the Middle Eastern & South East Asian countries to be followed by a truly global venture in about 2 years from now.